Fish-heid McMoonface strikes again

Hadrian’s Wall is to be rebuilt … by the Scots, led by their very own Bond villain.

I wish the people of Scotland well as they deal with the English problem by going their own way, complete with a form of proportional representation that delivers popular majority government.

From the First Lord of the Treasury in London…

“If they want to hold a referendum, I will campaign to keep our United Kingdom together, with every single fibre that I have.”

I assume that the prime minister of our disunited kingdom is not referring to moral fibre.

So it’s good luck to the Scots. As for the rest of us, it looks like we’re screwed, at least for the timebeing, and we only have ourselves to blame for this sorry state of affairs.

When it comes to the Right Honourable Nick Clegg MP, one would hope that his esteemed colleague Dr Cable is on hand to provide him with a loaded revolver, bottle of scotch and a quiet room in which to consider his situation. A fool with good intentions is still a fool.