Hitler was kind to dogs

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, and current rentagob jihadist and Amnesty International hero Moazzam Begg, quoting former CIA section chief Michael Scheuer on the recent “extrajudicial” killing of a certain Mr Osama bin Laden…

“‘Americans have been told that he is many things, but virtually none of the portraits of him feature his piety, generosity, personal bravery, strategic ability, charisma and patience.’

“Such characteristics can be admirable in any human being.”

As pointed out by the very first commenter following Begg’s Washington Post article, Adolf Hitler was a charismatic chap with a fondness for childebeest and other animals. One might also add that Uncle Joe Stalin would routinely go all gooey with his grandchildren, and that another kindly mass-murderer of note, Mao Zedong, was a man of culture with a passion for romantic novels.