Homo sapiens reclassified near base of evolutionary tree

Subediting is an art form with results that are occasionally unintended. Take the following headline from a press release issued by the VIB life sciences institute in Gent…

“People fall into three categories of gut microbiota”

Misanthropic science from a country that barely exists? Actually, the work is quite interesting, showing as it does that all human beings have digestive systems which fall into three clearly distinguishable types, and these have nothing to do with ethnicity, geography or diet.

According to Jeroen Raes,…

“The three gut types can explain why the uptake of medicines and nutrients varies from person to person. This knowledge could form the basis of personalized therapies. Treatments and doses could be determined on the basis of the gut type of the patient.”

The researchers say that improved knowledge of gut types could also lead to the early diagnosis of intestinal cancer, Crohn’s disease and the adverse effects of obesity.