Underemployed Tory calls for unemployed to build information superhighway

Former Tory home secretary and one-time party leadership contender David Davis has used an increasingly unread newspaper to call for British Telecom to raise an army of unemployed workers to build the UK’s next generation broadband network. Until it was picked up by industry rag PC Pro, Davis’ Times article (£) attracted just seven reader comments, reports the often arsey information technology forum and news aggregator The Register.

What an interesting idea! Or maybe not, when one considers the geographical challenges involved in wiring a largely rural British Isles, or the skills required other than in digging trenches to carry fibre-optic cables. And when it comes to comparing such a Herculean task with that undertaken in South Korea and Japan – two of the world’s most Interwebbed societies – there is the small matter of the massive public subsidies poured by the South Korean and Japanese governments into their respective network infrastructures.

David Cameron is leader of the Conservative Party.