RIP Farmer Barry

Barry Mason (photographer unknown)
Barry Mason, manager of Surrey Docks City Farm in London, workaholic public servant, and tireless cycling and environmental campaigner, is no more. Barry died while swimming in the sea off the coast of Asturias, and the London cycling community will miss him dearly.

Our Barry was an extrovert and prickly character, with a reputation for getting up the noses of obstructive local politicians and officious jobsworths. And he was loved by pretty much everyone else who knew him. Barry Mason – graduate of the London School of Economics, coordinator of Southwark Cyclists, and a natural leader – was a man of achievement, with an eclectic career that apart from cycling advocacy included senior management positions in Salisbury Cathedral and local authorities in Greenwich and Southwark.

Barry Mason got stuff done, and woe betide anyone who got in his way.