“Steady as she goes,” says Captain Blatter

“Steady as she goes,” says Captain Blatter
Says the old Valais sea dog,…

“I am the captain weathering the storm, this is a difficult period for Fifa and I admit that readily. Not only is the pyramid shaking but our ship has drawn some water.”

“Our pyramid is intact, the base, the foundation is strong and together we have four years to continue on our path and do our job.”

“We will put Fifa’s ship back on the right course in clear, transparent waters. We need some time to do it, but we shall do it.

Or, to paraphrase,…

“Yous weel rezpect ma authorité!”

Great innit, the beautiful game? If it’s not legovering celebrity ball kickers using the law to gag the press, it’s little fat Swisses going all luvvie on the world stage.

What nobbery is this?