A perfect day for burying dodgy news

Along with others of a seditious bent, I derive a considerable degree of schadenfreudliche pleasure from the severe discomfort currently felt within Britain’s ruling class. On the other hand, this is no excuse for losing sight of the bigger picture. Troublesome times such as this are perfect for burying other bad news stories, and no matter who is doing the interring, you can be sure that they will make the most of the opportunity presented.

Example one: Iran is taking advantage of various domestic crises in western countries, and using the inward diversion of attention to advance its peaceful nuclear weapons programme. The would-be hegemon of the Islamic world has reportedly upgraded its uranium enrichment centrifuges, and this but a month after testing a number of 2,000 kilometre range surface-to-surface missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Example two: Amid the political wailing and gnashing of teeth at home, Her Britannic Majesty’s government has seen fit to let it be known that it is “minded” to proceed with a mass slaughter of English west country badgers. This is to appease those within the agricultural community who claim, contrary to the scientific evidence, that Mr Brock and his friends are responsible for the growing problem of bovine tuberculosis.

Truly terrifying times in which we live.