Burn the witch(es)!

spEak You’re bRanes, Guardian style…

“Even prison sentences seem to lenient for this twisted and sinister behaviour. Rebekah Brooks should be burnt at the stake. Who do these people think they are?”

Or is that a News of the World reader holding forth on a matter of great public import? I get terribly confused at times.

Actually, the News International board may view burning the Brooks creature as a way out of its current mess. After all, we all love a good crucifixion.

Perhaps we could do a two-for-one, and immolate that other witch Arianna Huffington while we’re at it. Huffington was part of a round table discussion on Newsnight yesterday, talking about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. She may not have transgressed the law, but the darling of the American dinner party left is hardly a shining light when it comes to journalistic integrity and respect for intellectual property.