Cry me a river, Rebekah

News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks says she is “sickened” by the thought that murdered teenager Milly Dowler’s mobile phone had been hacked by a private investigator retained by her News of the World ‘newspaper’.

Says Mr Brooks, in a statement to News International staff, copied to the BBC

"I hope that you all realise it is inconceivable that I knew – or worse – sanctioned these appalling allegations."

I have no doubt that these words, as written, are entirely correct. She may once have been married to ‘actor’ Ross Kemp, but Ms Brooks is not stupid.

News International chairman Rupert Murdoch, who is said to back his chief executive “100%”, could soon exert Berlusconiesque control over Britain’s commercial broadcast media.

I wear my job title of “journalist” with shame, but that is nothing when compared with the shame of a government prepared to sanction Murdoch’s dominance of the UK media, and worse, those millions of Britons who fill the Dirty Digger’s coffers with their patronage.