Praise be to Jesus (but not on ITV)

Anyone who watches the output of British chat show host Jonathan Ross needs their head examining, but so too would any artist who turned down the opportunity to appear on one of the gobby shite’s insanely popular television programmes. The insanely talented musical comedian and evangelical atheist Tim Minchin didn’t, but his specially commissioned song about a first century Jewish heretic was recorded and editorially spiked prior to its scheduled broadcast.

This is excellent news for Mr Minchin, who will surely reap more career-enhancing publicity from this act of crass censorship by ITV controller Peter Fincham than he would have gained from the airing of a mildly amusing and irreverent ditty that looks now to be going viral.

Cheers, Peter, and a Merry Mithrasmas to you and yours!

Hat tip: Natalie Haynes