So long Dude!

The Dude is no more, and I am without words to describe my reaction to the death of this fellow drink-soaked popinjay. My New English but London resident friend Katy Evans-Bush has done an excellent job of celebrating the life of Christopher Hitchens, and without resorting to the journalistic clichés that you will find in the many obituaries published this morning. During a family visit a few years back, Katy bought for me on request a copy of the US edition of Hitchens’ God is not great, and read it from cover to cover before exchanging it in a Hackney restaurant for the Sterling equivalent of the dollar cover price, and pointing out the book’s shortcomings.

For now I have nothing more to say, save that the world is an immeasurably poorer place for the passing into nothingness of this intellectual slasher and burner who seized life by both balls and lived his 62 years to the full.

RIP Christopher Eric Hitchens (1949-2011)