Blackheath in lockdown

Somehow they managed to get past the first line of defence, being the intercom-controlled front door to our apartment block in south London. Once across the threshold, the only thing that could stop the rampaging band of Jehova’s Witnesses was a complete lockdown of the building. Only on this occasion they refused to take no for an answer, and insisted on an explanation as to why one was so reluctant to engage.

Such aggressive evangelisation from Jehovah’s Witnesses is new in my book, and the experience has creeped me out. Particularly disturbing was a reserved yet persistent young man who looked as if he had recently made a profound life choice between god and axe murdering. I sent the lad away with a polite “No thank you.”, but within minutes he had returned with his supervisor, who asked whether I knew that “God has a personal name”.

Next time I may well direct these religious proselytisers to the London residence of Alain de Botton, who will no doubt speak to them at great length about temples and stuff.