Anti-science, anti-pasti,… bleh!

Science policy wonk Jack Stilgoe shares his thoughts on the “imaginary and unhelpful” meme that is “anti-science”. As Stilgoe says, this describes almost no-one, and it certainly gets us nowhere. To me the term is of little use other than as rhetorical fodder for pointlessly provocative and contrarian opinion pieces written for the delectation of middle-class neurotics.

“I once came across someone who was anti-science. It was in a review of an academic paper. This unnamed person thought that all of human progress since the invention of agriculture was a massive collective error.”

Occasionally, in my crabbier moments, I think that our miserable species was doomed with the first flint-knapped tool. And I am a PhD physicist! When my mood lightens, I think to myself that such a view is possibly a little too extreme. Even for me.