Galloway ally supports attacks on British soldiers

A strong headline such as the one above might in some circumstances be cause for a defamation action, but not when the oral evidence is there to support the statement.

At the end of the Today programme this morning on BBC Radio 4, it was pointed out to Respect party leader Salma Yaqoob that the newly elected Respect MP George Galloway was expelled by Labour for allegedly inciting attacks on British troops serving abroad. Yaqoob was asked whether she approved of such attacks, and repeatedly dodged the question until the very last moment of the interview, when she said…

“Do I believe in the right to resist? Yes I do, and we are an occupying force.”

It is not the content of this statement that shocks me, but rather the implication that Yaqoob is not nearly as bright as I had imagined her to be. Yaqoob prefaced her support for violent attacks on British forces by stating glibly that she did not wish harm on any soldier (possibly adding “any human being”), but this was more than negated by what came next.

“Oh!”, replied the interviewer. Oh, indeed.