On Chinese astro-milfs

Of the seven candidate astronauts for China’s next manned space mission, two will be women. Going by the report from China Daily, the female ‘taikonauts’ have been selected according to some peculiar and politically incorrect criteria.

For example, to qualify as an astronaut in China, women must be married, have given birth naturally, and be without scars or body odour. And according to Pang Zhihao, deputy editor of Space International magazine,…

“They even must not have decayed teeth because any small flaw might cause great trouble or a disaster in space.”

Sensitive New Man Pang added, in true “Men are from Mars…” style, that female astronauts are…

“…keen and sensitive with better communication skills than their male counterparts.”

Does anyone remember Lisa Nowak? No complaints that I’m aware of concerning her dental condition or personal hygiene. Bit of a psychopath, though.

Maybe this is why the Chinese will soon be eating our lunch.