Rowan passes the poisoned chalice

Rowan Williams was never a comfortable fit as Archbeard of All England, but still it is sad to hear of his standing down.

A militantly atheist former member of the Anglican church I may be, but I take no delight in the archbishop’s resignation. Indeed, I have a huge respect for Rowan Williams as a moral philosopher, Welsh, beard and poet, and, even though we have never met, an affection for a man of wisdom and integrity, motivated by love and social concern.

What next for the Church of England? Go[o]d[ness] knows. The current Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, could take over the vacant see, in which case the Anglican Communion will continue merrily along its meandering path to oblivion. Alternatively, there are any number of sectarian and otherwise useless potential candidates for the job of chief pointyhat, who would destroy the Church in short order.

Perhaps that is the better option, to put the institution out of its misery.

Pob lwc i Rowan yng Nghaergrawnt!