Sheep may safely graze

What a kerfuffle over the UK government’s proposal to embrace and extend the surveillance society! A proposal that is so far devoid of substance, and which a cynic might say is little more than an exercise in testing and manipulating the waters of public opinion.

Such a cynical interpretation is supported by home secretary Theresa May’s comments this morning, among which the statement that “ordinary people” had nothing to fear from having their electronic communications potentially tapped by the security services, police, and possibly also other state agencies including local councils and the taxman, with no need for a court warrant.

Ordinary people. Decent, hardworking and law-abiding people. The middle classes and plebeian masses of Her Britannic Majesty’s United Kingdom, who lead lives of blameless bourgeois and proletarian domesticity, respectively and respectably. From iPhone addicts and Android toting gadgeteers who have all but lost the ability to communicate verbally in extended sentences, to the great unwashed who keep their most personal and private data in the ‘Cloud’, and do so without ever giving it a second thought.

So convenient, nothing to hide, bleh, baaah…