Burn the Wapping Witch!

I must admit to a twinge of schadenfreude on hearing the news this morning that former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has been charged along with her husband Charlie and diverse others with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. This is a serious criminal allegation which could lead to a substantial prison sentence for those convicted.

How the mighty they do fall. Let us see how the Justice Department across the Pond fares with its inquiry into Rupert Murdoch and News International’s parent company, News Corp.

Mistress Brooks has done herself no favours in adopting the demure puritan look, as pictured above, for evry fule no that she is a nasty scheming witch, and her eviction from the Fourth Estate is most welcome within the journalistic trade. A few days ago, during a Newsnight roundsofa debate on the media phone-hacking scandal, celebrity lawyer Charlotte Harris noted…

“[W]ith the contrasting collar, it did look a little bit Salem.”

An accurate observation, if a bit rich coming from a woman known for her Fatal Attraction body language when on-camera. What the late great Arthur Miller would have made of this real-life drama one can only wonder.