Unfit and improper

Since when has “fit and proper” been a necessary criterion for the leadership of an international company? I ask this in all seriousness, as there is no end of lying, cheating and goodness knows what else bastards running multinational concerns. And some of them are contributors to the coffers of Britain’s major political parties.

The sordid little row currently underway about the partisanship of the Labour majority on the House of Commons culture committee is pathetic. Bouncing controversial clauses at the last moment into select committee reports is standard political procedure across the board. No-one should feign shock or surprise at the sly reference to Rupert Murdoch’s unfitness for purpose, least of all the ambitious young Tory MP Louise Mensch.

As for the Labour Party and News International, it’s a bit rich for culture committee member Paul Farrelly and his colleagues to anathematise Rupert Murdoch after so many years with their collective tongue up the media baron’s arse.