Are journalists getting bored with Twitter?

Reform Luddite that I am, I view Twitter as something for people who cannot, or cannot be bothered to write. But one has to acknowledge that the microblogging platform is popular, and has become so at the expense of other online activities. For example, from what I understand, the rise of Twitter correlates closely with the decline in long-form blogging and blog consumption.

Journalists have taken to Twitter big time. So much so, that rarely these days will a BBC news reader end their piece to camera or microphone with anything other than an invitation to “chat with me on Twitter”. This requires a radical redefinition of the verb, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Twitter is popular, but are journalists getting bored with 140-character limit instacomments? It would seem so, going by a survey carried out by PR agency Portland Communications. Portland’s “NewsTweet Index” shows that postings by UK editorial staff fell by almost 25% in the first three months of 2012, which equates to some 80,000 fewer Tweets than in the previous quarter.

Now this is the kind of Twitter trending I like to see!