Dunwich or bust (or Dunwich and bust)

Later today I shall set off on a 200 kilometre cycle ride from London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. The Dunwich Dynamo, in which I have a miniscule role in the organisation, is a turn-up-and-go ride with over 1,000 participants. It’s not a race, and the mixed-ability mass of riders will spread out over time and space on the northeasterly spin along roads through London, Essex and Suffolk.

The aim is to reach Dunwich at around or soon after dawn tomorrow, have a sleep on the beach and a pint or three, and then head back to London, with the prepared ones taking a seat in a chartered coach, while their bikes are transported in one of four pantechnicons.

Dunwich Dynamo
Dunwich Dynamo XX is being minimally but with military precision managed by a team led by Southwark Cyclists Coordinator Alex Crawford. In previous years it was overseen by the now late Barry Mason. Some 850 coach tickets have been sold, but we expect many more to join the ride, and make their own return arrangements.

This will be my first Dunwich Dynamo. In previous years I have meant to take part, but there was always some or other excuse. This year I have no excuse. My new Surly Steamroller-based fixie, which I only finished building last week, is ready, as am I. Or at least I am ready and willing, but handicapped by a kidney infection contracted during a cold and soggy all night ride last weekend. During the London Velonotte I helped marshal a few hundred fans of East End architecture, along with their Russian guides. It was a fun experience, but the weather was foul.

As a result of the infection my lower back is very sore, and I am dosed up with powerful analgesics and heavy duty antibiotics. These together with loads of high energy snacks should keep me going through tonight. If I survive the experience, a ride report will follow in due course.