Gove gets away with it while Hunt takes all the flak

The British government’s culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is a dead man walking. Any fule noes this, yet an inordinate amount of news broadcast and political documentary time is given over to the Hunt saga, while other important news gets buried.

Take, for example, the rhetorical stabbing in the back of education secretary Michael Gove by one of his own advisers. Gove has of late been amassing penalty points aplenty, yet this story, a Guardian scoop, has been largely ignored by the media.

Jeremy Hunt’s ethical undoing is politically sexier than educashun – I can imagine a subeditor of a particularly licentious bent penning something like “Cunt gets shafted by LibDems” – but surely our enfeebled attention spans can cope with more than one Westminster scandal at a time. The imminent implosion of the state education system is worthy of note.