Cyclists mount!

On the Guardian‘s bike blog is a piece by journalism student Laurie Tuffrey concerning the negative impact on cyclists of the Olympic “Games lanes”, or “Olympic Route Network (ORN)” – the 45 kilometres of roads in central London that in the coming months will be reserved for use by athletes, officials and sponsors.

London is currently awash with “CYCLISTS DISMOUNT” street signs, most of which are and can safely be ignored. These mildly irritating notices are now to increase in number, and their injunction will be enforced by an army of untrained oiks in high-viz vests, with the threat of £130 on-the-spot fines for transgressors.

Tuffrey’s blog post was for me profoundly depressing, and that includes the comments from armchair indignants whose anonymous keyboard worrying is likely to be the limit of their opposition to the excesses of LOCOG and its villainous associates. The only signal I could detect in the noise was the reference to Critical Mass on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony.

After reading the Guardian piece I watched the latest episode of Twenty Twelve, and this cheered me up no end. “Shambles, chaos and nightmare”, and “Catastrophisation Unit” – priceless. Twenty Twelve is criticised by some for being tame in its satire, but the characterisation of managerialism and general clusterfuckery is to my mind superb, and it is very true to life. The mockumentary is brilliantly written and casted.

Going forward…