Ian loves Sally

The real London 2012 Olympic Games has nothing on the BBC Twenty Twelve mockumentary, the final episode of which was broadcast yesterday. Amid the managerialist farce of “Deliverance” and “Catastrophisation”, we have over the weeks witnessed the blossoming of love between Olympics Deliverance Commission chief Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) and his personal assistant Sally Owen (Olivia Colman).

With the ODC’s work done, and the baton passed to those whose mission is to mismanage the Olympic Games, all that’s left is for personal scores to be settled, and pent-up emotions released. And so it happens between Ian and Sally, in a beautifully written and played final scene in which we see nothing, and are left to wonder and weep with romantic joy.

Oh, and Kay Hope (Amelia Bullmore) is hot. I really think that.