Olympic transport woes: let them ride bikes

A bus-load of American athletes, bladders-a-bursting, takes four hours to get from Heathrow to the Olympic Park, and they were only going to Stratford to pick up security passes and goody bags before heading for the training camp in Birmingham. Another coach laden with Australian athletes and their hangers-on is then taken on a three-hour “Monopoly tour” of London, and that after their driver had arrived two hours late at the airport. Life imitates satire.

Dedicated road lanes or no, the answer to the Olympic transport woes is, of course, to sequester London’s fleet of Boris bikes for the duration of the games, and provide every athlete with a cheap satnav preloaded with openstreetmap.org data, with routing software set to avoid main roads. Cargo could be carried in those wonderful trailers made by Christiania Bikes of Copenhagen.

After all, cycling is the fastest and most reliable mode of terrestrial transport in London, and the city’s byways its most magnificent feature.

Let them ride Boris bikes!