“The Queen, even at her age, can still dive from the sky”

Thus spake Chinese sports journalist Yan Qiang from Beijing, in serious tones, when interviewed for the BBC’s Endlessly Repeating News Channel early this morning.

Reality is suspended for the duration, and, for those of us who live in London, that suspension could extend until December and beyond. The National Hallucination promises to be a long and strange trip indeed. Let us hope that I don’t get the shit kicked out of me by Her Majesty’s Law Enforcers for refusing to be sucked into this mass psychosis.

In a few hours I shall be leading a group of cyclists on a 130+ kilometre tour away from the insane zone into the wilds of the Thames Estuary in Kent. It’s a long ride from Greenwich out to the Hoo Peninsula, but the biggest challenge will be to escape the grip of Greater Londinium.