Twitter – the great debating chamber of our time

I understand that there was a lengthy “discussion on Twitter” yesterday between a bunch of celebrity science wibblers including Mssrs Ben Goldacre and Simon Singh. Please don’t ask me what it was about, as I didn’t follow the exchange, and, quite frankly, cannot be arsed to do so. The only reason for bringing it up here is that another jobbing science communicator saw fit to spend three hours of her valuable time aggregating the “discussion on Twitter” for the delectation of her fellow science outreach workers…

Good grief! This tracking and tracing of incoherent Twitterings is akin to downloading the entire Interwebs and copying it out in longhand, just for safekeeping. For this monumental effort I would take my hat off to the aggregator, Louise Crane, were I wearing one. Or buy her a double scotch. I’m sure she could do with a stiff drink after all that work.

Perhaps someone else could contribute a few days of their zero-rated time précising the “discussion on Twitter” in fluid English prose.

Next: a prize for the first “#scicomm” PhD written entirely in Twitspk.

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