Cyclist attacked by police thugs shock!

An innocent UK government minister was earlier today attacked by police leaders after he had done no more than put an uppity Diplomatic Protection Group officer in his place, calling the offending plod a pleb.

According to the BBC,…

Police insult minister under fire

The poor man didn’t deserve this, surely.

That said, he is giving cyclists a bad name…

“I accept I did not treat the police with the respect they deserve.”

…said chief whip Andrew Mitchell MP, who went on to deny claims in the Sun newspaper that he had sworn and called police officers who instructed him to dismount his bike and use the pedestrian entrance to Downing Street “plebs”.

The nation’s favourite tabloid is standing by its claims regarding the precise form of words directed by Mr Mitchell at the officers. These are said to have included…

“Learn your place.”


“You don’t run this government.”

Oh dear.