O Canada, how much will it cost us for you to keep him?

Conrad Moffat Black, (for now) Baron Black of Crossharbour, PC, OC, KCSG, denounces the venality and corruption of the fascistic US justice system, says that he has been “persecuted half to death”, and proclaims how virtuous he is in refraining from smashing in his interviewer’s face…

Conrad Black - angry man

Conrad Black is surely not the only victim of Jeremy Paxman who would like give the Newsnight anchor a jolly good kicking. A few of them may even have just cause, but no so Black, convicted mega-fraudster and jailbird. The one-time media baron’s latest interview confirms everything that was said about him in the introduction.

What can one add, other than “Cheers, Jeremy!”? It may not make up for the debacle that is Savilegate, but credit where credit’s due, eh?