Wiggo down

Olympic and Tour de France cycling champion Bradley Wiggins is in hospital with rib injuries and a dislocated finger after being hit by a car near his home in Lancashire.

The driver is said to be helping police with their inquiries following the incident in which her car emerged from a garage forecourt onto a main road, and there impacted with the celebrated cyclist. The Google street view image of the Crow Orchard petrol station where the incident occurred shows an open road on level ground, with good visibility in the direction of travel.

Further details on the road.cc website.

The thing about Google is that in situations like this one can use it to estimate the worth of the Bradley Wigginses of this world in terms of an equivalent number on non-celebrity cyclists injured or killed on our roads.

Reporting of cycling KSAs (killed and seriously injured) appears to be improving, but too many cases are buried under an avalanche of news stories of little or no significance.

The same could of course be said for pedestrian victims of the infernal combustion engine.

May Wiggo make a full and speedy recovery!