Drive to work day 2012

“Worried by the war on the motorist?
Pissed off by the price of petrol?
Annoyed by the arrogance of cyclists and bus users?

“Then leave your bike at home, your bus pass in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard, and join thousands of others on Tuesday 11th December for London’s first Drive to Work Day.”

Well, that’s the slogan, and I would follow it if it weren’t for the fact that my car was nicked the other day, most likely for its scrap value. The perpetrator, or gerningsmand, as we fans of Danish crime drama say, had his collar felt in short order, but my motor remains missing.

So I won’t be driving to work tomorrow with the aim of bringing the city to a standstill. Not that I have a job of work to go to in London, mind you, for as a freelance journalist I work from home, wherever that may be at the time. But the spirit is willing.

In lieu of my absence from the road, I offer a soundtrack for the spectacle…