The Zionist Entity on the wing

Israel’s roving eye in the sky has again been caught spying, this time by Sudanese authorities.

Mossad spy
Quoting Iranian propaganda outlet PressTV…

“The vulture was on an espionage mission for the Tel Aviv regime, the media stated, adding that the bird had a leg band with labels that read in Hebrew, ‘Israel Nature Service’ and ‘Hebrew University, Jerusalem.’”

The device fixed to the vulture’s leg was a GPS tracker.

A Zionist wag comments on the article…

“Sudan should collaborate with mighty Iran and reverse engineer this hi-tech vulture, then build millions of them and send them back to Israhell with stones in their beaks which are dropped from a great height on zionist extremists.In the meantime the bird should be interrogated thoroughly with Israeli torture techniques such as water-boarding. He will soon talk.”

!אױ װײ