Equality of sacrifice

This is the 1929 Labour election poster by Frank Horrabin to which David Miliband referred in his House of Commons speech yesterday…
Equality of sacrifice (JF Horrabin 1929)

“The Chancellor reminds me of the man in the 1929 election poster, standing above others on a ladder. Water is up to the neck of the man on the bottom rung, while the man at the top shouts ‘Equality – let’s all go down one rung’.”

Looking at the speech in the whole, and taking on board other recent public interventions, Miliband Major is clearly carrying forward a personal agenda. But when it comes to political substance, he at least possesses some. As for what Miliband Major will do next, I can see him working on furthering divisions within the Liberal Democrats, with the aim of politically undermining the coalition even if he cannot get enough Liberal MPs to vote against the government. This could get interesting.