Greenwich Time – an exercise in creative fiction

Greenwich Council’s weekly propaganda sheet, which masquerades as a local newspaper and in the process damages legitimate local media, claims that the Silvertown tunnel campaign launch on Friday was covered by “TV crews”.

No it wasn’t.

Local newspapers such as the News Shopper covered the story, presenting arguments for and against the proposed new Thames crossings. Council PRs took photographs for the town hall Pravda, but Greenwich Time can in no way be described as a journalistic publication. Observers of the campaign launch insist that there was not a single television camera in sight. Maybe one or more of the council PRs videoed the event on their mobile phones. Is that what they mean?

The public debate surrounding the need for and practicalities of new river crossings in east London is a complex one, not served by the PR fantasy of proponents of tunnels and bridges. It is a hugely important debate, as it concerns the inevitable eastward expansion of London along the Thames Gateway, and the increased economic activity and residential development that will come with such urban expansion.