London police take no action in hit and run collision

Just before Christmas I was the victim of a hit and run collision on Piccadilly in central London. The damage was limited to a grazed leg and torn Lycra and Goretex clothing, but still it was a hit and run. While I have cycling insurance, the third party policy by defintion does not cover damage to me or my property.

The driver in this case knew that he had run a cyclist down after cutting him up in a reckless left turn manoeuvre, and he failed to stop at the scene. This is a criminal offence. Let us hope that my front wheel left a sizeable dent in the car’s bodywork.

This morning I received a letter from the Metropolitan Police Westminster traffic division to say that no further action would be taken. There are CCTV cameras in the area concerned, but it seems that none of the cameras with a view of the scene were recording at the time.

Given the particular circumstances of the case, the police decision to do nothing does not surprise me. But what is telling about the letter which informs me of this decision is the following…

“It is worth noting that CCTV cameras do not normally record registration numbers of vehicles and deal only with traffic flow.”

Ah yes, “traffic flow”, the holy mantra of London traffic planners and enforcers.