Ding dong, a very English farce

Hopefully this will not only go viral, it will turn into a national epidemic by the time of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral next week. I can see protestors lining the streets, singing this delightful ditty from the Wizard of Oz…

Under normal circumstances I would be indifferent to such puerile displays, but, as my scholarly friend Peter Ryley says, the British people have a long tradition of responding to official pomposity with mocking contempt. In this case, the song’s rapid rise through the pop charts, and the hand-wringing of BBC executives who until a short time ago were undecided as to whether it should be broadcast, serves only to highten the fuss kicked up by Thatcher’s disciples in the political establishment and red-top media.

More than a decade into the 21st century and we are having another Life of Brian moment. Such lack of historical awareness and downright stupidity cheers me up no end.

I see that the BBC, in what Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper described as a “difficult compromise” has decided to air no more than a few seconds of Ding dong the witch is dead.

Pure English farce.