Is the Venezuelan revolution going down the crapper?

Two months following the death of its little red leader Hugo Chávez, it looks as if his Catholo-Trostskyite revolution may not be so permanent after all. According to an Associated Press report, the “pink tide” at the top of Latin America is fast turning into a shit tide, with nary a sheet of toilet paper available to clean it up.

There is a national shortage of bog rolls in Venezuela, for which the socialist government of Chávez heir Nicolas Maduro naturally blames US imperialism.

“This is the last straw,” says Caracas pensioner Manuel Fagundes, while supermarket shopper Cristina Ramos expresses her frustration: “I’ve been looking for it for two weeks.”.

The way things are going, Señor Fagundes will be using dried grass to wipe his arse. No amount of fiery political rhetoric could possibly make up for such an indignity.