O Albion, Albion, wherefore art thou Albion?

And so it goes… Islamists murder an unarmed soldier; the ‘English Defence League’ goes on the march and the British National Party threatens same; Muslims are verbally abused and physically attacked in towns and cities across the land; mosques are graffitied by the functionally illiterate.

Behold an age-old narrative of hate replayed. Only it gets worse, with opinion polls unsurprisingly showing an increase in “clash of civilisations” feeling, and rentagobs eager to get their faces on the telly and names into print bigging up the potential for increased social instability following the terrorist attack in Woolwich this week.

On the plus side we can at least see the reality of the fascist threat to traditional British tolerance, sense of fair play and good samaritan nature. For example, take Jonathan Pow’s illuminating photograph in the Guardian of an EDL supporter at a demonstration in Newcastle.

A “clash of civilisations” presupposes two or more civilisations in conflict.