On the “incident” in Woolwich

Woolwich is my manor. Back in the late 1970s I went to school close to John Wilson Street, and today often cycle down the road on my way to the ferry.

The kitchen knife and meat cleaver-wielding youth with bloodied hands pictured in a video broadcast all over the interwebs is a product of the southeast London economic and cultural environment. For all the Al-Muhajiroun bullshit political ideology and heretical Islamic theology spouted, this one of two suspected murderers – both of whom now lie in hospital beds after being shot and wounded by police officers attacked following the gruesome slaughter of a young soldier – is as English as they come. This might explain why the terrorist attack has sent the British state into panic mode.

From a statement in the name of Greenwich Council following the “Incident in Woolwich”

“Greenwich is a borough whose history and evolution is intertwined with military, both army and navy, and any attack by the Barracks feels like a strike at the heart of our community.”

The media focus so far has been on the killers, and in multi-ethnic Woolwich on Wednesday night the visceral reaction came in the form of a mini-riot orchestrated by members of the fascist English Defence League. Meanwhile, the life of a young man has ended prematurely and with extreme violence, and we have yet to hear his name or life story.

RIP Unknown Soldier.

Update – 23 May 2013

We now have a name and face, and the beginnings of a story. The soldier is no longer unknown.

Lee Rigby

RIP Lee Rigby.