UKIP – it’s the beer wot did it

Given that every Tom, Dick and Harriet is currently offering expert opinion on why the so-called United Kingdom Independence Party swept to county council power last night, despite being cast by the establishment as a bunch of clowns, loonies, fruitcakes and crypto-nazis, I thought that I might as well offer my tuppence worth.

The reason why Mr Nigel Farago and his band of chirpy littleenglanders did so well is down to the beer. It stands to reason.

Have you not noticed that almost every time the gobby UKIP leader is pictured in the media, as well as adopting the grinning small town idiot demeanour beloved of Middle England he is enjoying a pint of ale? Politicians do their best to avoid mixing it with the plebs and their ghastly folk culture. If beer is presented to them in photo opportunities by representatives of faceless and tasteless brewing conglomerates looking for a tax break, it is in half-pint glasses from which no more than one small sip is taken.

Plonker though he is on many levels, Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg understands this simple British truth, and in recent days has gone out of his way to be seen guzzling pints of Old Fart like there’s no tomorrow. But Clegg is too late in the game, as was evidenced by his party’s almost complete wipeout in the county council elections.