Information vandals are ruining the media asylum

When my friend Terry Glavin writes…

“The Guardian’s comically doctrinaire Glenn Greenwald is the Glenn Beck for people who fancy themselves too clever for Fox News.”

…you know it’s not going to end well for his target.

Now Terry doesn’t address the substance of the NSA-Prism scandal – for it is a scandal, if largely one of political embarrassment rather than securocratic excess – but his rhetorical broadside is well-aimed and entirely justified.

In journalistic terms the Prism story is full of crap, for reasons I discussed last week, and more, and once you read between the lines it exposes the truly hideous underbelly of that ethically-challenged Guardian scribbler Glenn Greenwald. It also shows that, despite its professed disdain for the even more hideous creature Julian Assange, the Guardian remains beholden to the interests of Wiki-leakism. This Terry aptly describes as information vandalism.

Never one to rest on its laurels, the Guardian today leads with the revelation that Britain’s signal intelligence service GCHQ has been spying on the state’s allies, with details of Labour government-directed email and phone tapping which took place during the G20 economic summit in 2009. While it basically boils down to the fatuous statement that spooks have been spooking, the story is once again political dynamite. The anarchist in me finds it all highly amusing.