London Liberals demand more power for Tory Mayor

Do you see what I did there with the above headline? A disgraceful tabloid hack-like liberty it is, misrepresenting the call of Greater London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to take over responsibility for the benighted Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels following their mismanagement by Greenwich Council.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Question No: 1252 / 2013

Caroline Pidgeon

Given the continued problems, with the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels, will you change your position (and) accept that these strategic river crossings need Mayoral leadership to overcome their recurring problems?

Written response from the Mayor

Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.


Still, I make no apology for such bare-faced journalistic effrontery, for Pidgeon and her colleagues deserve a rhetorical kicking for engaging in such a cheap political stunt. I hope that Johnson gives short shrift to Pidgeon’s call. “Strategic” or no, this is a Greenwich problem that must be solved by Greenwich, with pressure and support from Tower Hamlets and other neighbouring boroughs.

It’s bad enough having a pseudo-presidency ruling a metropolitan population greater than that of a number of small European countries. The last thing we need is further centralisation, with Boris de Borja, supreme governor of the city-state of Greater Londinium, taking even more responsibilities unto himself. Johnson has enough on his plate as it is, what with the barely concealed plot to defenestrate a sitting prime minister.