Mary Mills – Greenwich Labour claims its latest victim

I see that Mary Mills, who is well known to us in the cycling and wider sustainable transport communities, has been deselected as a council candidate in what could be described as an endless night of the long knives in the Greenwich and Woolwich Labour Party. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth within the organisation, among senior members included, but the hive mentality prevails. The public utterances of party officials are as vacuous as ever.

Irrespective of personal political prejudice, the consensus is that Mills is a rare beast among Greenwich Labour councillors: one who fully engages with her Peninsula Ward constituents and the public at large, sometimes argumentatively so, and on a day-to-day level works tirelessly for them, often responding to petitions within minutes of them being received. Mills also blogs, which in the quasi-stalinist kingdom of Royal Greenwich may have contributed to her downfall.