Syria omnishambles – Miliband Minor does smug

UK Labour leader Ed Miliband has reportedly been branded a “fucking cunt and copper-bottomed shit” by unnamed government insiders, after he threatened to derail a planned parliamentary vote on military action against a Syrian regime which no-one in their right mind doubts is responsible for using chemical weapons against its own population.

“I’m determined we learn the lessons of the past, including Iraq.”

Miliband Minor is a member of inner core of the Privy Council, in which case he will be privy to classified military intelligence reports that finger the Assad regime. A few days ago the opposition leader was going along with the establishment consensus in favour of some kind of intervention in Syria, but appears to have decided now that domestic political expediency trumps everything.

My translation of Miliband’s words above…

“I’m determined that you all pay me some attention. You will respect mah authoritah.”

Goodness knows how complex and ethically fraught is the situation in Syria, and the need for measured thinking and action in response to the war crimes taking place in that country on an almost daily basis. What disturbs me is the shameless politicking from the Labour Party, and also Conservative MPs who in the end will almost certainly obey a three-line whip and vote in favour of the government motion. It’s as if the slow-newsiness of the silly season has wounded their inflated egos, and the response is to throw a political tantrum.

Shameless politicians aside, what is most shocking of all are the online comments of those members of the Great British Public from right across the spectrum who couldn’t care less for the people of Syria. First we had “Tony Bliar”, and now it’s “David Camoron”. For the Littleenglanders who come up with such insightful character assessments, the hero of the hour is the Right Honourable Edward Miliband MP. No wonder he’s looking so smug.