Yes we have a jolly good chance!

What is it with David Cameron’s Tories and Barack Obama’s Democrats, and why isn’t the Labour Party similarly inspired by its social democratic counterpart across the Pond?

In the lead up to the 2010 UK general election the Conservatives hired Obama’s first term communications director and relentless Fox-baiter Anita Dunn. Now we have Jim Messina, who for two years served as Obama’s deputy chief-of-staff, and as campaign manager in 2012 played a big part in the already lame-duck president’s re-election.

Cameron’s retaining of these admittedly brilliant American political strategists, and his recent and much-scrutinised employment of the Wizard of Oz, may give the Tories a kick up the campaigning arse, but the reality of British Conservatism cannot be spun away in a star-spangled wash.

That said, the Tories will probably win the next election outright, such is the pathetic state of Her Majesty’s Opposition, and near total implosion of Britain’s once great Liberal party.