Think of me, pleads phone hacking boss Rebekah Brooks

Former News of the World editor and alleged phone hacking conspirator Rebekah Brooks has in court had her lawyer read out messages of support from colleagues…

“You remain the greatest editor and journalist I’ve ever known. I’ve always felt privileged to work alongside you, you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

“It is totally alien to your character and soul.” [Mike Dunn, NotW sports editor]

An Order of the Brown Nose is hereby awarded to Mr Dunn, whose heroine spoke of receiving death threats following publication of the Milly Dowler revelations.

Oh my heart, it doth bleed!

All through her defence evidence, Brooks has sought to portray herself as the victim in this sorry saga of media malfeasance. There may well be a witch hunt against Brooks, but that is possibly because she is a witch.