An equalities mess at the heart of government

There will be many in the Fourth Estate who today rejoice at the removal from UK government of Maria Miller, whom prime minister David Cameron has finally seen fit to resign. However, in place of Miller as women’s minister we have Nicky Morgan, who is subservient to a man – Sajid ‘Fuck the Poor’ Javid […]

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NUJ conference imminent – Lord have mercy!

For my manifold sins I shall from Thursday to Sunday of this week be attending the biennial Delegate Meeting of the National Union of Journalists. The conference this year is being held in Eastbourne, the elephant graveyard of the English south coast. At the conference I will be a delegate for the London Freelance Branch […]

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Windy Miller running out of friends

What is it with culture secretary Maria Miller, whom I dub “Windy Miller” owing to her propensity for brain farts? She is fast running out of friends. Given Miller’s level of professional competence, it is difficult to understand why prime minister David Cameron and his cabinet are intent on quashing any further public discussion of […]

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