Boris’ tunnel ring road – it’s the politics stupid!

In the Evening Standard today, Joe Murphy reports on “plans” to transform central London with a 39 kilometre-long underground ring road. The Inner Orbital Tunnel would feature subterranean dual carriageways (i.e., an urban motorway) linking major motor transport routes from the A40 in the west to the A12 in the east, and the A1 north road to the A2 in the south.

I can think of many constructive things to do in London with £30bn of public money, and this certainly ain’t one of them. The Standard report is little more than a rehash of TfL spin, and I note that the piece has the byline of the paper’s political editor, not that of a transport specialist such as as Matthew Beard, who would surely have given the matter more critical journalistic attention.

This is a political message from a soon to be gone and ever ambitious Mayor of London, not a concrete (!) transport infrastructure proposal.