The leaving of Lewisham

On Friday of this week I shall flee London, aka The Great Wen, aka Borisstadt. The following Monday I start a new job at the University of Cambridge, and from now on will live with my partner in a small town some 25 kilometres from Cambridge. The plan is to cycle to work along the A10 corridor, weather permitting.

Having been self-employed for the past 11 years, the prospect of returning to full-time employment in academia is daunting. Still, I am reasonably flexible, even in creaky and increasingly cranky middle age, and will I’m sure cope with the transition from the real world.

For the rest of my final week in London, I shall be busy with final packing, and arranging the removal of my worldly goods from the Blackheath apartment. There will be farewell drinks at the Dog & Bell pub in Deptford on Wednesday evening.

In some ways it will be sad to leave London, although this has more to do with missing dear friends than the place itself. London is a great city, home to vibrant communities and myriad cultures, but the hustle and bustle of life in England’s capital is a bit too much for me. Most of all, I get to spend more time with the woman I love.

My non-geographical contact details remain unchanged.