Graphene supercurrents go ballistic

Article first published by the Graphene Flagship. Researchers with Europe’s Graphene Flagship have demonstrated superconducting electric currents in the two-dimensional material graphene that bounce between sheet edges without scattering. This first direct observation of the ballistic mirroring of electron waves in a 2d system with supercurrents could lead to the use of graphene-based Josephson junctions […]

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Graphene Week sees launch of Women in Graphene

Graphene Week 2015 saw the launch of Women in Graphene, a support network for women in graphene and related 2d materials research. As in other areas of science and engineering, women make up significant proportion of the 2d materials workforce, but they face a number of gender-specific barriers to career progression. Article first published by […]

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Graphene Week 2015 hosts BBC World Service forum

Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester saw the BBC World Service in town to record an episode of The Forum – a radio discussion programme that tackles the big questions of our age with some of the world’s most eminent thinkers, movers and shakers. Article first published by the Graphene Flagship. Chaired by BBC diplomatic correspondent […]

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